Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Audio Files (mp3)

  • Listen to Nuke Mecca "Option" (Mp3 audio in English)

  • Why we should use the nuclear option?
  • Hypocrisy in Islam (Mp3 audio in English)

  • Volumes of books can be written about Islamic Hypocrisies.This is nothing but a small sample. Enjoy!!!
  • Listen to The secret to Muhamad success (Mp3 audio in Arabic)

  • The secret to the success and survival of Muhamad cult.
  • Science in the Quran (Mp3 audio in Arabic)

  • Responding to some of muslim claim about Science in Quran.
  • marrying a 6 years old girl(Mp3 audio in Arabic) (In English)

  • Muslim claim they hold the higher moral ground when their prophet was a Pedophile.
  • Conquest of india (Mp3 audio in English)

  • The untold story of genocide and ethnic cleansing.
  • Islam and the Golden Rule (Mp3 audio in English)

  • Islam and Muslims are too narcissistic to abide by the golden rule.
  • Jealousy of Islam(Mp3 audio in English)

  • Why we should be Jealous of Islam.