Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Audio Files (mp3)

  • Listen to Nuke Mecca "Option" (Mp3 audio in English)

  • Why we should use the nuclear option?
  • Hypocrisy in Islam (Mp3 audio in English)

  • Volumes of books can be written about Islamic Hypocrisies.This is nothing but a small sample. Enjoy!!!
  • Listen to The secret to Muhamad success (Mp3 audio in Arabic)

  • The secret to the success and survival of Muhamad cult.
  • Science in the Quran (Mp3 audio in Arabic)

  • Responding to some of muslim claim about Science in Quran.
  • marrying a 6 years old girl(Mp3 audio in Arabic) (In English)

  • Muslim claim they hold the higher moral ground when their prophet was a Pedophile.
  • Conquest of india (Mp3 audio in English)

  • The untold story of genocide and ethnic cleansing.
  • Islam and the Golden Rule (Mp3 audio in English)

  • Islam and Muslims are too narcissistic to abide by the golden rule.
  • Jealousy of Islam(Mp3 audio in English)

  • Why we should be Jealous of Islam.


    At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    No story can come close to this


    At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You know, Islam isn't *technically* anti-civilization. Arabs brought us Optics, (and by entension physics), the Library, and the ability to run an opressive state by controlling the petro-chemical industry. Don't knock them just because they are stuck in the 14th Century. If they want to live what we call 'backward' civilizations, let 'em. In about 30 years, our Technology will so far superseeded thiers that fighting them would be like dropping a Nuke from Orbit on a small tribe in the Amazon. If they want to wage a war of attrition, I'm all for it, mainly since we grow so much food and have all the guns... I'm all for just building a big wall around the region and letting them all fight it out amongst themselves. I don't think we should have any part of it at all, but then again, until we find alternative fuel sources, it's our business to protect our Investments. Maybe we could just replace Iraqis with Mexicans, eh?

    At 11:13 PM, Blogger LiquidLifeHacker said...

    Islam is a political movement disguised as a religion, and do not be fooled by its chants of peace....because their quran rewards them for murder of the infidel! Read the Prophet of doom!

    At 3:50 PM, Anonymous ATIA said...














    At 2:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    what? u moslems are hypocrite. a non moslem in country such as indonesia is living in hell..
    they have no justice.. they r murdered and the case never brought to d court ! if u don't believe this,google the news bout jihad in ambon, in Poso sulawesi. they butchered Christians there ! n non of the murdered were brought to justice ! the police not even dare to touch them because they bring their religion as their reason to kill ! still think that islam is the way of peace? there's thousands of man in indonesia called FPI front pembela Islam. they never been arrested for every crime against humanity they'd done ! not believe? google it ! if its true that islam bring peace, so why the verse in quran told lots bout war?killing? see fitna? it's true written in quran does it??? try to found those sentences in INJIL u wont find any thing that tells u to kill ! in fact there is an interesting sentence written "there will comes a time, when murdered been done in the name of Allah, and THEY THINK they r right doing it for Allah" hey moslem, why don't u find peace by try to read injil? just try..nothing wrong with that..

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