Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Support Denmark

Muslims are bullies and bullies threaten those who are weaker. In this case Denmark with a population of no more than 5.5 million was considered by the Muslims to be a soft target that can be crushed economically.

This attack is not on Denmark but on the freedom of speech and on democracy. It is an attack on the free world. That is why everyone must come to the help of Denmark , buy Danish products and neutralize this boycott. Do not underestimate the destructive power of fanatics and stupid people.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The two faces of the quran

This audio includes the most important information the westerner world must know, if you are a non-Muslim you need to know this. The audio content sheds the light on true Islam and draws the clearest picture of what Islam is all about.
This will expose the hide and seek game the Muslims play in the westerner world.
If you decide to ignore all my podcasts DO NOT ignore this one. This podcast exposes the hidden danger humanity, and free society are facing.

You can also down load a pdf document on this link,

Down load the document read it, email to all your friends and ask your friends to email to all their friends.

Arming yourself with this information is the only way we can defeat this cancer called Islam.