Sunday, August 27, 2006

Top 10 reason muslims love libs

Ironic, if Libs only know they are first on the chopping block if muslims take over:

1- Libs believe in freedom of speech (muslims don’t)
2- Libs believe in Multiculturalism (muslims don’t)
3- Libs believe in freedom of press (muslims don’t)
4- Libs believe in women rights (muslims don’t)
5- Libs believe in freedom of religion (muslims don’t)
6- Libs believe in individual rights to choose (muslims don’t)
7- Libs want gay to marry (muslims execute gays)
8- Libs believe in separation of state and church (muslims believe that Islam is the religion of the state) they want to over throw the constitution and replace it with sharia law.
9- Libs don’t believe in capital punishment (Muslim beheading and public execution is a spectator sport)
10- The whole world loves music and art (islam forbids both)

And if you dare to utter a word against muslims, Libs are the first to jump up and down like monkeys and call you a racist, Zionist, xenophobic, necon, Nazi, etc…

If anything liberals should be in the forefront of the fight against the Islamic wave and expose their true nature every chance we had, not defend them.

muslims love libs, they make great pets

here is why there is no such thing is a moderate muslim.