Saturday, December 13, 2008

13 years old stoned to death in Somalia (PEACEFULLY)

Yet another chapter of barbarism by muslims. An event like this did not even shake the feminist groups or any liberals that panders to muslim and consider them peaceful and good natured, turning the blind eye out of fear to be accused of biased against islam or being accused as part of the evil forces that is conspiring against muslims who still believe drinking camel urine can cure disease; a world that still believe that one wing of the fly carries the disease and the second one carries the cure so if a fly fall in your liquid food make sure it’s fully submersed. This sick world of liberalism that is vigilant to maintain their image as tolerant and open minded are so keen to prove to the world that they want to coexist with this barbarism. Jut how do you tolarate intolarense just how do you coexist with barbarians that still lives with 8th centuries values. How how how I am screaming how.
The answer is simple!!!!!!


Here are two links,
Even Aljazeera reported it.

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